“Could You Close Your Next Big Ticket Sale Using Only The Words On Your Website?”


That same question could, and should, be applied to all of your marketing materials.

Even in this 24/7 Social Media charged marketplace, where the competition for customer attention is huge and brand loyalty is on the wane, the sheer money generating power of well written sales copy still rules.

Sure, not every marketing piece is aimed at landing the sale. Many pieces are designed to inform, influence, educate and lead the prospect to the next step in your sales process.

The bottom line still is, are you using the words that will achieve all of that and ultimately deliver sales?

When your prospect reads a web page, brochure or social post from you:

-       Are you speaking right to them in language familiar to them that builds trust and invites connection?

-       Are they amazed at just how you seem to be speaking to them and them only?

-       Is engagement, connection and trust carefully woven into the text of every sentence?

-       Have you anticipated and dealt with their objections before they become a sales killing issue?

-       Is the offer you are presenting clear, compelling and valuable to them?

-       Have you told them exactly what’s the next step you want them to take?

Countless businesses earnestly set out to deal with all of the above points, but then blow it with weak and ineffective copy.

It doesn’t matter a hoot what is written if it relates only to you.

It has to deeply resonate with your prospect and customer.

So the question is who currently writes the words you use in your marketing pieces and website? Have those words been selected and carefully crafted for maximum money making effect by someone who is dedicated to doing just that?

Or someone else?

We offer a range of products suited to most industries. Everything from complete turnkey sales systems with sales letters, web presence and email sequences to individual product or event specific pieces.

And we have just introduced a new product specifically aimed at businesses committed to better leveraging Social Media. This provides a range of words, phrases and language patterns to use in your posts and tweets to build engagement. Fantastic as a content guide if you are entrusting your Social Media posting activity to a staff member.  (Of course, also a great resource for punching out those smaller marketing pieces you may not want to engage a writer for)

If you have read this far, you already know writing is a skill and you want a specialist.

In business, decisive action brings rewards. The next step is to contact us by email so we can set-up a brief chat to ensure we are the best match for your needs, and get going ASAP.

To Your Success,

Craig Woolven

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